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By Gregory Fremont-Barnes

This two-volume historical past of counterinsurgency covers all of the significant and lots of of the lesser identified examples of this frequent and enduring kind of clash, addressing many of the measures hired within the try and triumph over the insurgency and analyzing the members and agencies answerable for every thing from counterterrorism to infrastructure building.

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Hobhouse was particularly moved by the suffering of children, whose rising mortality rates could largely be attributed to disease and malnutrition. In a letter home, she described the death of an infant whose mother had fashioned a makeshift tent out of a strip of canvas to shield her sick child. “The mother,” Hobhouse wrote: sat on her little trunk, with the child across her knee. She had nothing to give it and the child was sinking fast. . There was nothing to be done and we watched the child draw its last breath in reverent silence.

As to our wandering columns,” Captain March Phillipps recalled, “they have about as much chance of catching the Boers on the veldt as a Lord Mayor’s procession would have of catching a highwayman on Hounslow Heath . . [The Boers] are all around and about us like water round a ship, parting before our bows and reuniting round our stern. ”5 Kitchener summed up the situation to William St. John Brodrick, secretary of state for war, thus: The difficulties of the present situation out here are that we have to protect very long lines of railway & road and supply garrisons to the many towns & villages that have been occupied all over the country whilst the mobile columns we have in the field are principally taken up in escorting supplies to the various garrisons.

In general, however, she found appalling conditions of overcrowding, woefully inadequate sanitation, poor food, tainted water supplies, and insufficient medical care, not to mention the less critical matters such as the absence of beds, furniture, and schooling for the children. She returned to Bloemfontein camp on April 22, only to discover that the population had doubled in size to nearly 4,000 people in the six weeks since her first visit. The Springfontein camp had grown six times from 500 to 3,000 internees, with hundreds more on the way.

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