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By H. E. Bates

Teetotal!' Ma stated. 'It's a libel. He'll by no means stay it down. He'll by no means have the ability to carry his head up back. no matter what will humans imagine? What's he going to claim whilst anyone asks him to have one?' ' 'No,' 'said Dr Conner. 'You'll need to strap him down,' Ma acknowledged. 'You'll need to positioned on.' And so after a gentle heart-attack - brought on by quite an excessive amount of of what you fancy - Pop Larkin unearths himself off the booze, off the nice foodstuff and rancid the nice lifestyles often, a lot to his personal and everyone's else's horror and disappointed. And whereas Ma attempts to discover methods round 'doctor's orders', younger Primrose is discovering her personal means around a slightly flustered - to not say flushed - Mr Candy...

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