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By John Le Carré

Magnus Pym, score diplomat, has vanished, believed defected. The chase is on: for a lacking husband, a faithful father, and a undercover agent. Pym's lifestyles, it's printed, is fullyyt made of secrets and techniques. ruled via a father who's additionally a self belief trickster on an epic scale, Pym has from the age of seventeen been managed via mentors. it truly is those , racing one another and time itself, who're orchestrating the hunt to discover the proper secret agent ...

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The Monitor straightened suddenly, his lips a thin, bloodless line. He said tonelessly, “You should know better than to ask a Monitor that question, Doctor. ” Conway wished fervently that he had never asked the question, but it was too late to back out now. Stammering at first, he began to tell of his ideals of service and of his alarm and confusion on discovering that Sector General—an establishment which he had thought embodied all his high ideals-employed a Monitor as its Chief Psychologist, and probably other members of the Corps in positions of responsibility.

On the other hand, if their upped energy-intake was continued they would literally burn themselves out within a week. But there was a line of treatment indicated for these unfortunates, the only one, in fact. As Conway prepared his servos for the work ahead he felt that it was a highly unsatisfactory line—a matter of calculated risks, of cold, medical statistics which nothing he could do would influence. He felt himself to be little more than a mechanic. Working quickly, he ascertained that sixteen of his patients were suffering from the Telfi equivalent of acute indigestion.

Continuing, he said, “You were probably reserved, untalkative and all wrapped up in your high ideals. Not that there’s anything wrong with them, understand, it’s just that you have to allow for a little gray with the black and white. Our present culture,” he went on, returning to the main line of discussion, “is based on maximum freedom for the individual. An entity may do anything he likes provided it is not injurious to others. ” Conway broke in. At last the Monitor had made a statement which he could definitely contradict.

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