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If you do receive the error message, it can, in fact, mean one of two things: it might mean that mod_rewrite is not installed, or it might mean that mod_rewrite is installed, but the server is configured in such a way as to not permit you to use it. If you have access to your error log, check for the following error message: RewriteEngine not allowed here This message indicates that mod_rewrite is installed, but your server administrator has not set the AllowOverride directive to a level sufficient to allow you to use it.

Table 3-1. html Static vs. Shared Objects When installing Apache, you will need to decide whether you will compile modules statically or build them as shared objects. It’s worthwhile to spend a few moments on this distinction before we delve into the various ways of installing mod_rewrite. When a module is compiled statically, that just means the module is built into the main Apache executable file. so file), which can be loaded into the Apache server when the server starts up. In the case of statically compiled modules, you have no choice as to what modules are loaded: everything that was compiled statically will be loaded.

Com”. So you have to try something a little more specific. You want to require that the “something” before the @ sign is not zero length and that contains certain types of characters. For example, it should be alphanumeric, but it may also contain certain other special characters, like dot, underscore, or dash. Fortunately, PCRE provides us with a convenient way to say “alphanumeric characters,” using a named character class. There are quite a number of these, such as 3. This isn’t a particularly common example with respect to mod_rewrite, but with respect to regular expressions in general.

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