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The names have been modified to be compliant with Standard C++. h> #include #include #include #include /* The following was added to become compliant with Standard C++. */ using namespace std; /* The following header contains the data structures definition. 2007 04:47:42] An Example of the 5 Phases // // // Start of the program. void main() { char menu_1='0', ch; /* Main menu to select major processes to perform. */ do { menu_1='0'; clr_scrn(); cout << << << << << << << << " " " " " " " " 1.

Start New Client 2. Expense Ledger Menu 3. Sales Ledger Menu 4. Profit and Loss Menu 5. End of Year Processing 6. 2007 04:47:42] An Example of the 5 Phases dowhile(continue) End strt_clnt ..... Return expens_ldge ..... Return sales_ldgr .... Return pandl ...... Return Notice that the main module processes or calls each of the sub modules depending on the user's choice. When creating pseudo code, each module has its own separate part of the total. When each module completes its instructions, the program will return to the calling module.

The types of documentation used for each phase is specific to that particular phase. Some authors call the last phase of software development the documentation phase where all of the documentation is brought together. In some companies there is even a company program documentation librarian to keep track of all of the program documents. ● While these notes shall discuss only the 5 phases for software development, the actual number of phases of program development is more than five. ❍ There is a phase called: System Analysis Phase that considers the analysis of the whole system including the human and the hardware parts of the system.

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