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In Vitro Methods in Cell-Mediated Immunity

The 1st a part of the booklet offers the spontaneous dialogue and alternate of data of the convention. It contains summaries of the main different types of assays and the criteria produced via lymphocytes upon stimulation, and the severe dialogue of the current equipment, their applicability and boundaries, and the customers and desires for stronger technique.

Review of the Draft Plan for the Modernization and Associated Restructuring Demonstration

Nationwide climate provider Modernization Committee, fee on Engineering and Technical platforms, department on Engineering and actual Sciences, nationwide study Council

The public legislations that licensed the nationwide climate carrier (NWS) to modernize its technical platforms and restructure its box place of work association set the necessities for what has turn into often called the modernization and linked restructuring demonstration (MARD). The legislations calls for trying out of the built-in functionality, over a sustained interval, of the modernized parts and an operational demonstration that no degradation in carrier will outcome from the modernization and linked restructuring. during this file, the nationwide learn Council's nationwide climate provider Modernization Committee experiences the September 1998 draft plan for MARD. The committee drew 3 conclusions from its assessment of the plan and gives 5 strategies to the NWS.

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B. Structural Specificity of Aliphatic Monocarboxylates Mediating HCG Induction for 1. Effect of Chain Length The effect of the number of carbon atoms in straight chain monocarboxylates on induction of HCG synthesis is seen in Fig. 3. Stringent structural specificity is indicated by the effectiveness of the C4 butyrate which induces approximately a 500-fold increase in synthesis. C3 proprionate, C5 valerate, and C6 hexanoate also increased HCG synthesis but were much less effective t h a n butyrate.

Current concepts on the structure of chromatin provide a background for interpreting gene activation and perhaps understanding butyrate effects. Histones are highly conserved, basic chromosomal proteins (for review, see Elgin and Weintraub, 1975). Differences in the amino acid sequences of each of the five histone fractions, designated H l , H2A, H2B, H3, and H4, within eukaryotic systems are minimal. Histones are positively charged species, enriched in arginine and lysine residues, and lacking tryptophan, which are coded for by repetitive gene sequences (Kedes and Bernstiel, 1971).

B. , 1973). In addition, histone H I is phosphorylated REGULATION OF GLYCOPEPTIDE HORMONE SYNTHESIS 43 in a cyclical fashion, increasing as cells progress from G, phase through S and into G2, apparently in concert with DNA replication. Since phosphate turnover occurs at relatively low rates and the predominant histone species so modified (HI) is not found within the nucleosomal core, it appears doubtful t h a t phosphorylation functions permissively in transcription. , 1980). Introduction of acetate groups in each of the nuclear histone fractions is characterized by a rapid turnover rate and has been temporally and spatially associated with the initiation of RNA synthesis (Allfrey, 1977; Hnilica, 1972).

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