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Книга AH64 Apache AH64 ApacheКниги Наука. Техника Автор: W.Peeters Формат: pdf Размер: 13,9 Язык: Английский0 (голосов: zero) Оценка:Lock On 13Фотоальбом посвященный американскому боевому вертолету AH64 Apache - Апач.

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Address Resolution Protocol You saw that each device (normally) has a unique MAC address. A single device may have more than one IP address and may also have addresses that change over time. When you send an IP packet to another device on the same Ethernet, you send it directly, in an Ethernet-level packet addressed directly to the recipient, but Ethernet packets need Ethernet addresses, and you don't yet know the Ethernet address of the recipient. The ARP protocol exists to solve that problem.

There are other domains at the same level as com that sit under the root of the domain name space in the same way that bin, dev, and usr directories sit under the root of a Mac OS X machine. On a Mac OS X or other Unix machine, you might have a path such as /usr/lib. The leading slash (/) character is used as a separator, and we also think of the root of a Unix file system as being (/) and navigate to the root by typing cd / in a terminal window. When you type a filename or pathname in Unix without a leading slash, it's interpreted relative to your current working directory, whatever that might be.

Link-local addressing is primarily intended for networks of 2 devices, 10 devices, or perhaps even 100 devices, though analysis in RFC 3927 shows that even on a network with over 1,000 devices, it still works reasonably well: A host connecting to a link that already has 1,300 hosts, selecting an IPv4 link-local address at random, has a 98% chance of selecting an unused IPv4 link-local address on the first try. 96% chance of selecting an unused IPv4 link-local address within two tries. The probability that it will have to try more than 10 times is about 1 in 1017.

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