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______ 1. a + 10 = 4 ______ 6. s – (–2) = 7 ______ 2. d – 7 = 8 ______ 7. –m + 5 = 1 ______ 3. x – 5 = –6 ______ 8. –b + 10 = 2 ______ 4. y – –10 = 3 ______ 9. –x + 12 = –5 ______ 5. t – 8 = –3 ______10. c – –12 = –5 Checking Your Answers You can use an answer key at the end of the book to check your answers. However, in the world of work there is no answer key to tell you if you got the correct answer to an equation. There is a way to check your answer. When you replace the variable with your answer, you should get a true statement.

95. The water level in the town reservoir goes down 8 inches during a dry month, then gains 5 inches in a heavy rainstorm, and then loses another inch during the annual lawn sprinkler parade. What is the overall effect on the water level? Skill Building until Next Time When you balance your checkbook, you are working with positive and negative numbers. Deposits are positive numbers. Checks and service charges are negative numbers. Balance your checkbook using positive and negative numbers. 19 Team-LRN Team-LRN L E S S O N 2 Working with Algebraic Expressions LESSON SUMMARY In this lesson, you will use the same rules of signs that you learned in the previous lesson for any number—including fractions—not just integers.

Simplify both sides of the equation. 80. Simplify both sides of the equation. 80 x = $40 2 21. Jack earns ᎏ3ᎏ as much as Jill. His yearly income is $38,000. How much does Jill earn? 1 22. You can save ᎏ5ᎏ the cost of a new washing machine by paying cash. The sale price of the washing machine 1 you plan to buy is $400. What is the regular price of the washing machine? ) 23. You have an exercise regimen that includes doing sit-ups. You are currently doing 5 more than twice the number of sit-ups that you did when you started your exercise program.

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