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By Charles A. Beard

This well-known study — some of the most influential within the region of yank financial history — introduced a halt to Americans' uncritical reverence for his or her country's innovative prior. wondering the Founding Fathers' motivations in drafting the structure, it considered the consequences as a made from monetary self-interest. maybe the main debatable books of its time.

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The Political Psychology of Democratic Citizenship (Series in Positive Psychology)

Whereas students in political technological know-how, social psychology, and mass communications have made striking contributions to figuring out democratic citizenship, they pay attention to very various dimensions of citizenship. the present quantity demanding situations this fragmentary trend of inquiry, and adopts an interdisciplinary method of the research of citizenship that gives new insights and integrates formerly disparate study agendas.

Blacklash: How Obama and the Left Are Driving Americans to the Government Plantation

This state is at a crossroads. we will be able to both opposite path or nosedive right into a cycle of dependency that's turning the United States right into a welfare nation—a “government plantation” the place the underclass are doomed to 21st-century servitude. Now, Deneen Borelli, essentially the most seen and outspoken black conservatives within the kingdom, is battling back—taking motion, not only talking—and conversing up in case you can’t or are too afraid to take action.

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Confronted with political scandal, damaged offers and the seeming impotence of governments within the face of financial globalization, cynicism approximately politics is rampant within the tested democracies of the west. in the meantime, the 'Arab Spring' of 2011 observed humans out at the streets keen to place their lives at the line for the sake of the very political freedoms others took without any consideration.

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The next day to come hasn't ever appeared larger. Breakthroughs in fields like genetic engineering and nanotechnology promise to offer us unparalleled strength to revamp bodies and our international. Futurists and activists let us know that we're drawing ever toward an afternoon once we may be as clever as pcs, might be capable of hyperlink our minds telepathically, and may reside for centuries—or probably ceaselessly.

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The contrast between the two Eurosceptic parties could not have been sharper. The 1997 general election was a watershed moment in British politics, ousting the Conservatives after eighteen years in government 28 A single-issue pressure group and ushering in New Labour for the next thirteen. But outside of major party politics the election also offered opportunities to fringe Eurosceptics. When the Anti-Federalists had campaigned in 1992 few voters told pollsters that Europe was a pressing concern.

Whatever the truth of the matter, the idea of a link between these two small, right-wing parties took hold in the minds of voters and journalists. ’ Despite these ongoing challenges, after Holmes’ departure UKIP were at least enjoying a period of relative internal peace. Their new leader was Jeffrey Titford, a former undertaker, Conservative Party supporter and Referendum candidate, who between 2000 and 2002 steered a cautious course, avoiding the bitter internal conflicts that had cost his two predecessors their jobs.

15 One early point of tension was Sked, whose personality and intellectual preoccupations drew criticism from activists who had little time for theory and abstract debate. 16 But, from the start, deeper tensions were also inherent within the party. One of the most important centred on UKIP’s overriding goal. Were they setting out to convert their Conservative rivals to hard Euroscepticism? By extension, were they simply a single-issue pressure group, focused on poaching disaffected Tories, who would fold once their goal was accomplished?

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