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By Eleanor L. Harris

Drawing from her personal reports and significant works together with The Leyden Papyrus and The Papyrus Ani, Harris explores the how's and whys of magical instruments, amulets, phrases of strength, divination, and magic of the traditional Egyptian culture.

She additionally explains how the traditional temples and priesthoods functioned, and the way scholars at the present time can create their very own operating setting.

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2. O O Sin\ O Sin, who Nannarl mighty one art unique, thou that brightenest ...... 5. That givest light unto the nations That unto the black-headed race art favourable Bright is thy light, in heaven 6. Brilliant 7. Thy 8. The 3. 4. is ....... thy torch, like the Fire-god brightness fills the broad earth! brightness of the nation he gathers, in thy sight Ann of the sky, whose purpose no man learns! 9. . 11. ] first-born! Before thy face the great gods bow down, the fate of the world is set before thee!

LA ilu (or ception occurs in ****) ....... KAN (or 14 of No. 35, which reads: llu ni-is ka-a-ti sd Bilit. The beginning of the line The ex- 1. MA. left in is unfortu- doubt as to Our choice how- ever appears to be restricted to amatit and siptu (cf. BRUNNOW, List, nos. 588 ), and of these the former is to be preferred as distinguishes the ideogram from ]^~>f- occurring at the commencement of almost all these incantations. In Assyrian the it line should nu or therefore in has in passages almost lost many probability run : kati, amat ms kati sa "hand-raising", meaning and been the utterance that generally accompained the act.

5, ana kar-ra-di id-lum ** u Sama$ faa--i-ri na-rami-ki a-bu-ti sak-ti-ma. I have adopted ZIMMERN'S explanation of the phrase in BPS, p. 59 abbuttu he derives from T/Ccbj) the HAUPT'S similar line in ASKT, No. which reads: ; "to twist", explaining the word as meaning "chain, fetter' and to the phrase abbuttu sabatu he gives the meaning "to go bail, give security for someone, to intercede for him" (esp. of inter7 , cession to a deity). and p. ii7f. WB Cf. p. , DELITZSCH in ZIMMERN'S BPS, also where he derives the word from Yray.

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