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By James Axler

Discovering themselves reluctant visitors at a reactivated Maine scientific institute, Ryan Cawdor and his band of warrior survivalists turn into the sufferers of unethical medical study that threatens Krysty Wroth's targeted powers.

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Doubt rode over the word. "Tell him the truth. " Her voice sounded flat and full. " Ryan asked. " "Four small window tacks. One got a little bitty piece of ragged paper caught under it, like something had been ripped away. " Doc wasn't listening to the explanation. He stared at the woman, his mouth sagging, his whole body drooping. "You got the letter, Sukie? Then, why did" "I saw it. " Ryan asked. "No, sir, I haven't. " Doc queried. " "Easy. Liked you, Doc. You were kind to a lone woman. A woman wounded at that.

Becomes a dirt road and forks. Take left fork, and it'll bring you out higher up, by the remains of a predark earth dam. Good water and pasture. We'll go straight there and wait a week before moving. If we move, we'll leave a message there. Doc, you might be along sooner. See you all soon, we hope. No time to bury the body. Sorry. Now get away as quick as you can. That's become a place of death and will be for a long while. Lots of love from us all, Krysty. Ryan finished reading the note, then carefully folded the two pages and tucked them into a pocket.

Perhaps to the top of the ruined dam. " They went close enough to the tethered Judas for the mule to try a halfhearted kick at Doc. "She'll come with us," Trader said the moment they were out of earshot. " "Woman needs a man like a turtle needs a helicopter," Mildred commented. "Yeah, sure. Fancy little saying. One I like is the truth about what a woman needs from a man. " Trader laughed. " Krysty shook her head. " Ryan clapped his hands. "Come on. " IN THE END, after a good deal of talking, with everyone offering opinions, it became clear that there wasn't much of an argument.

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