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By S. I. Sukhoruchkin, Z. N. Soroko (auth.), H. Schopper (eds.)

Volume I/19B (consisting of three subvolumes overlaying varied levels of Z) includes the compilation of parameters of nuclear sure states excited in reactions with charged debris. high quality info on excited certain states positioned above the low-lying degrees yet lower than the states obvious as resonances is key for the knowledge of basic houses of nuclei and is critical for plenty of functions. No systematic compilation of such information has been played thus far. the current compilation was once ready via eminent specialists within the fields. one of many features of Landolt-Börnstein is that information are evaluated earlier than they're permitted for compilation. the assumption is to give ‘best values’ that are used with self belief through non-experts. Subvolume I/19B2 comprises the information for nuclei with Z starting from 37 to sixty two. In view of the massive quantity of knowledge to be had a few of the info is given at the CD ROM simply. Parameters for low-lying nuclear degrees of many nuclei have been formerly released via Landolt-Börnstein in quantity I/18, and for nuclear unbound states in Volumes I/16 and I/19A.

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Ed. B. Heywood, 1961, p. 611. : Ann. Phys. ) 66 (1971) 798. : Nucl. Phys. A 224 (1974) 93. : Phys. Rev. Lett. 35 (1975) 1069. : Nucl. Phys. A 253 (1975) 75. : Ann. Phys. ) 99 (1976) 253. : Ann. Phys. ) 111 (1978) 20. : Ann. Phys. ) 123 (1979) 468. : Phys. Lett. B 97 (1980) 169. : At. Data Nucl. Data Tabl. 26 (1981) 47. : Nucl. Phys. A 443 (1985) 39. : Nucl. Phys. A 439 (1985) 289. : Nucl. Phys. A 435 (1985) 397. : Nucl. Phys. A 505 (1989) 337. : Phys. Rev. C 42 (1990) 1945. : Z. Phys. A 341 (1992) 489.

7 4 05Si20 05Si20 05Si20 05Si20 05Si20 05Si20 05Si20 05Si20 05Si20 05Si20 05Si20 05Si20 05Si20 05Si20 05Si20 05Si20 05Si20 05Si20 05Si20 Ref. Additional data on this isotope can be found in [00Ca07, 92Do10, 77Be41]. 8 bands (A-H) are assigned in excited states of this nucleus in [05Si20]. 81 37 Rb Energy levels and branching ratios [96Ba89]. 75 Ref. 41(8) G j (τ ,d) 1 T1/2 or Ref. 4(19) 10 SN L (α,p) 15− 21 + 15− 3+ ,5+ 17− 17− 19+ 17− 1+ 3+ ,5+ 3+ ,5+ 19− 3+ ,5+ 19− 19− ,21+ 5+ 19− 21− 3+ ,5+ 21− 21− 19–23 25 + 23− 23− 25− 25− 25− 27− 29+ 27− 29− 29− 29− 31− 33+ 31− 33 − 33− 35− 37− 37+ 41− G j (τ ,d) T1/2 or Ref.

Landolt Börnstein New Series, vol. I/19A2. Springer, 2005. ). -Y, 2005. : Nucl. Phys. A 758 (2005) 67c. Nuclear States from Charged Particle Reactions – Tables of Excitations from Reactions with Charged Particles. Vol. I/19B1: 3-Lithium ... 36-Krypton Vol. I/19B2: 37-Rubidium ... 62-Samarium 37-Rubidium Rb-79 Rb-80 Rb-81 Rb-82 Rb-83 Rb-84 Rb-85 Rb-86 Rb-87 Rb-88 Rb-89 Rb-90 Rb-91 38-Strontium Sr-80 Sr-81 Sr-82 Sr-83 Sr-84 Sr-85 Sr-86 Sr-87 Sr-88 Sr-89 Sr-90 Sr-91 Sr-92 Sr-93 Sr-94 39-Yttrium Y-85 Y-86 Y-87 Y-88 Y-89 Y-90 Y-91 Y-92 Y-93 Y-94 Y-95 Y-96 Landolt-Börnstein New Series I/19B2 40-Zirconium Zr-84 Zr-85 Zr-86 Zr-87 Zr-88 Zr-89 Zr-90 Zr-91 Zr-92 Zr-93 Zr-94 Zr-95 Zr-96 Zr-97 Zr-98 41-Niobium Nb-87 Nb-88 Nb-89 Nb-90 Nb-91 Nb-92 Nb-93 Nb-94 Nb-95 Nb-96 Nb-97 Nb-98 Nb-99 Nb-100 42-Molybdenum Mo-89 Mo-90 Mo-91 Mo-92 Mo-93 Mo-94 Mo-95 Mo-96 Mo-97 Mo-98 Mo-99 Mo-100 Mo-101 Mo-102 43-Technetium Tc-93 Tc-94 Tc-95 Tc-96 Tc-97 Tc-98 Tc-99 Tc-100 Tc-101 Tc-102 Tc-103 44-Ruthenium Ru-94 Ru-95 Ru-96 Ru-97 Ru-98 Ru-99 Ru-100 Ru-101 Ru-102 Ru-103 Ru-104 Ru-105 Ru-106 45-Rhodium Rh-98 Rh-99 Rh-100 Rh-101 Rh-102 Rh-103 Rh-104 Rh-105 Rh-106 Rh-107 Rh-108 Rh-109 46-Palladium Pd-99 Pd-100 Pd-101 Pd-102 Pd-103 Pd-104 Pd-105 Pd-106 Pd-107 Pd-108 Pd-109 Pd-110 Pd-111 Pd-112 47-Silver Ag-105 Ag-106 Ag-107 Ag-108 Ag-109 Ag-110 Ag-111 Index of nuclides 48-Cadmium Cd-105 Cd-106 Cd-107 Cd-108 Cd-109 Cd-110 Cd-111 Cd-112 Cd-113 Cd-114 Cd-115 Cd-116 Cd-117 Cd-118 Cd-119 Cd-120 49-Indium In-107 In-108 In-109 In-110 In-111 In-112 In-113 In-114 In-115 In-116 In-117 In-118 In-119 In-120 In-121 In-122 In-123 In-124 Landolt-Börnstein New Series I/19B2 50-Tin Sn-110 Sn-111 Sn-112 Sn-113 Sn-114 Sn-115 Sn-116 Sn-117 Sn-118 Sn-119 Sn-120 Sn-121 Sn-122 Sn-123 Sn-124 Sn-125 Sn-126 Sn-127 Sn-128 51-Antimony Sb-113 Sb-114 Sb-115 Sb-116 Sb-117 Sb-118 Sb-119 Sb-120 Sb-121 Sb-122 Sb-123 Sb-124 Sb-125 Sb-126 Sb-127 Sb-128 Sb-129 52-Tellurium Te-110 Te-111 Te-112 Te-113 Te-114 Te-115 Te-116 Te-117 Te-118 Te-119 Te-120 Te-121 Te-122 Te-123 Te-124 Te-125 Te-126 Te-127 Te-128 Te-129 Te-130 Te-131 Te-132 Te-133 Te-134 Te-135 Te-136 53-Iodine I-121 I-122 I-123 I-124 I-125 I-126 I-127 I-128 I-129 I-130 I-131 I-132 I-133 I-134 I-135 I-136 54-Xenon Xe-123 Xe-124 Xe-125 Xe-126 Xe-127 Xe-128 Xe-129 Xe-130 Xe-131 Xe-132 Xe-133 Xe-134 Xe-135 Xe-136 Xe-137 Xe-138 55-Caesium Cs-131 Cs-132 Cs-133 Cs-134 Cs-135 Cs-136 Cs-137 56-Barium Ba-128 Ba-129 Ba-130 Ba-131 Ba-132 Ba-133 Ba-134 Ba-135 Ba-136 Ba-137 Ba-138 Ba-139 Ba-140 57-Lanthanum La-133 La-134 La-135 La-136 La-137 La-138 La-139 La-140 Index of nuclides 58-Cerium Ce-134 Ce-135 Ce-136 Ce-137 Ce-138 Ce-139 Ce-140 Ce-141 Ce-142 Ce-143 Ce-144 Ce-145 59-Praseodymium Pr-139 Pr-140 Pr-141 Pr-142 Pr-143 Pr-144 Pr-145 60-Neodymium Nd-140 Nd-141 Nd-142 Nd-143 Nd-144 Nd-145 Nd-146 Nd-147 Nd-148 Nd-149 Nd-150 Nd-151 Nd-152 61-Promethium Pm-142 Pm-143 Pm-144 Pm-145 Pm-146 Pm-147 Pm-148 Pm-149 Pm-151 Pm-152 Pm-153 Vol.

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